Celebrating academics at Maritzburg College and beyond

We’re looking for past and present students that have achieved in academics, please see the criteria below…

(i) At school: 

  • Came within the “Top 30 in KZN” 
  • Attained 100% in an NSC examination or came first in KZN in that subject. 
  • Won or was a finalist in a top public-speaking, debating, competition, at provincial level and above. 
  • Otherwise earned high academic accolades as a schoolboy. 

 (ii) After school: 

  • AS a school-leaver, earned a “top scholarship to a university of distinction” such as (1) an Ivy League university, or (2) other university of similar standing.  
  • As a university student, “earned academic acclaim, prizes, distinction, scholarship ect.” at or to a university of distinction.  
  • As an academic, earned prizes, attained high position, enjoyed a career of distinction etc.  

Should you like to submit your or someone you knows achievements,  please contact Hayley Strachan on strachanh@mcollege.co.za.