Back to College in 1992

1992 saw… Maritzburg become a Model C school Mike Hill as acting Headmaster for the first six months Ken Elliott took over as headmaster in August The school admit 10 pupils of colour for the first time RFE Uys named as DUX The First XV rugby team went on tour to the United Kingdom The … Read More

Dramatic and musical productions 1978 – 1985

1978  – Of Mice and Men               – The Mikado              – A Murder has been arranged (at Russell High School) 1979. – Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat              – Billy Liar             … Read More

Chess captains

1963   D Greliche  1971   D Goedeke  1973   D Goedeke  1974   W Bennett  1981   E Goedeke  1983   B Goedeke  1984   M Garbutt  1985   M Garbutt  1991   M Buswell  1992   K Rogers  1993   K Rogers  1994.  K Rogers  1995   P Barron  1996   V Clifford  1997   T Doutchevitch  1998   JC Pai  2001   T Hlanguza  2003   A Phetha  2004   S … Read More

Back to College in 2002

2020 saw… Darien Townsend, College’s only Olympic gold medal winner, as captain of the swimming team. Ken Elliot depart from College after 10-and-a-half years as headmaster. The first XI cricket team ended their season unbeaten and ranked no 1 in South Africa. I Moodle named as Dux of the school.  The following South African School’s … Read More

Celebrating 150 years of rugby at Maritzburg College

From 14h00 on Saturday, 8 October 1870, the first recorded 15-man rugby match in KZN was contested between teams from Hermannsburg School (founded in 1856) and the old Pietermaritzburg High School (now Maritzburg College) (founded in 1863). In fact, there are grounds to believe that it was the first ever recorded 15-man rugby match played … Read More

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