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Above: A view along the dusty, sluited streets of the village of Pietermaritzburg in about 1863. The site of the old carpenter’s shop that was home to the Pietermaritzburg High School when it first opened its doors on 2 March 1863 can be seen immediately to the left of the tree in the centre of the picture. The building later became Perks Arcade, which still stands today in Langalibalele (formerly Longmarket) Street.

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Welcome to the Maritzburg College Digital Archives!

The Maritzburg College Old Boys’ Association (MCOBA) has embarked on a project to digitise the school archives. College's long tradition stretches back to 1863 and our history, longevity and strong sense of belonging to a special institution are significant parts of the value that we are able to present to current and future members of the MCOBA. The process of building a digital archive will take a number of years and will continue year-on-year as digital files from each year are captured and loaded. The initial effort was to digitise the school magazine and the admission registers. Happy browsing!


Feel free to search for your name or other topic of interest in the search box. It is best to search by your surname only as the magazine may not have included first names, only initials.


If you wish to browse through the school magazine please follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the Browse button
  • Click on the gallery you are interested in.
  • Select the edition you wish to open and when the Preview page opens, click on the link View Flipbook.
  • Once this window opens, click on the top right hand corner or bottom right of the page to turn over to the next digital page (you may need to resize the pop up window that the Flipbook loads in to see both pages)


If you want to search for specific text within one of the manuscripts click on the Download Plain Text link. This will download a plain text PDF that you can then search in a PDF reader by using the keys Ctrl F (Windows) and Cmd F (Mac).


You can also order a high resolution version of the publication by clicking on the order link. If this is released to you then you will have a high quality version of the magazine that not only looks like the original but is also fully searchable. You can also order digital versions of the photographs. These are made available for personal use only and we request a donation to help to sustain the school archives.


If you would like to donate material that should be included in the archive or if you would like to give toward this project of building a digital archive please email Henriette Ridley.